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Eco-Friendly Toys and Treats

Let's paws our plastic waste problem

Looking for ways to spoil your pet in a more sustainable way?  Look no further

We can be greener when it comes to our pets...

Did you know that a huge amount of pet treat and food packaging is not recyclable?   And that it is wrapped in plastic for manufacturer convenience, then left to you to dispose of.

And did you know that there are better options out there?   It can be both time-consuming and expensive, searching for biodegradable, recyclable products for your pets, that's why Paws at Doors does the searching for you.

We find the best and most sustainable treats and toys out there, so now you only need to look in one place.

Our Service to You

Here at Paws at Doors we sell carefully selected pet toys and treats, all sourced in the UK.  Here you will find sustainably made toys, treats - packaged either in biodegradable or recyclable packaging - and exciting natural chews.

We also offer pre-filled boxes, and everything in the store is priced as fairly as possible so that your pets can enjoy trying new things.

Eco Dog Boxes also contain a delicious mixed treat bag, with anything from beef and garlic sausages, to ostrich chew sticks.  Eco Cat Boxes come with a special meal topper bag, which will have them licking their bowls clean!

We support other environmentally friendly businesses, helping you to find and try out their products.  Therefore when you purchase a box, you are supporting up to 10 small UK businesses who also care about the environment.

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